Monday, February 25, 2013

Lab Work Check

Did a ton of labwork Tuesday. My favorite phlebotomist is still the ones at Concord Women's Specialty. I went to labcorp today and the phlebotomist did NOT get me on the first try and she did that tummy turning "hunting for a vein" needle digging thing. *aauuugghhhhhh* I almost lost it. And I consider myself GREAT at giving blood for labs.

I would have asked for another phlebotomist if there was one available, this Labcorp was a one man show. My receptionist, nurse, phlebotomist, and billing person was all wrapped in one. There wasn't a single other worker present.

I don't have time for coming back later; I have a job, I have school, I have an internship, and I have a dog at home. Today is CD11 and they wanted to draw my FSH...

Uggh, no matter the results, it was pointless.

Got the results in on Friday for the semen analysis. All they told us is that it was irregular and we should start seeing an RE. :-/ That's a little disappointing. Nothing like infertility issues coming in from both ends. The "abnormal" diagnosis has helped my partner to understand the importance and attention I have been putting on optimizing our fertility... because not doing so is apparently not working.

Oh well, on to the next one.

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