Monday, February 18, 2013

Nothing Tastes as Good as Becoming a Mother Feels

We met with Dr. Katz at REACH on Friday.

Um, this was the first doctor's visit I have had and left feeling more confident in my mommy potential. He did an ultrasound to view my ovaries and they are very Poly-Cistic which we knew but the way he phrased everything made us feel more comfortable with our chances.

He explained to my dear dear fiance that it is not normal for a couple our of our health (greate), weight (normal/healthy), and age ( <25 ) to take more than a couple of months to conceive. A single year is a stretch for young healthy couples. My fiance was under the impression that this was somehow normal at all. Glad he heard it from a doctor that it's not.

Oh he's testing me. Like REALLY he's testing me. I will sneak a picture of all of the viles I will have to fill to represent the number of tests I have to do. But I'm glad, that finally we're going to be getting to some sort of plan. The Works, anything & everything we are being tested for down to our recessive genes. I am so excited. I think he is excited too judging by his upbeat personality this past weekend.

He told me no more carbs. And I'm am more than happy to oblige. Nothing tastes as good as becoming a mother feels.

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