Thursday, February 7, 2013

+ Tea

This weekend my friend Hannah and I went to Teavana, a sweet tea shop in Northlake mall. Initially, my gaze was mesmerized by the assorted tea sets and diffusers. I love tea sets! My hoarders dream is to have a room filled with assorted tea cups and saucers. Each tea cup with a name each design with a story.

I digress. So Hannah and I are I Teavana, samples are available so samples we try. The first tea we tried was an Oolong blend called "Strawberry Rose Champagne" this tea is naturally sweet and fantastically delicious (I'm actually drinking some right now). It's a blend of strawberries, rose buds, rhubarb, white grapes, vanilla, And a hint of champagne. From that moment on, I became a serious tea drinker. Many other teas were available to sample but this one, this one was mine. (The other teas also didn't give me that yum, I can drink this forever feeling or the desire to drink it again).
Since I had my mind set on the tea I was bricking home I had time to browse their booklet of tea varieties. I see a stunning photograph and learn its name "Raspberry Riot Lemon Maté" . This tea is a blend of red and golden delicious apples, lemon, raspberry, rose buds. Do I love all these things? Yes. Did I bring some home? One can full. Served over ice this tea is a show stopper.

The best news? I got the two best tea types for my fertility issues! The Raspberry Riot Maté Tea is a natural source of inositol a B-vitamin that helps with egg health and insulin resistance! Win! And Oolong tea, like my Strawberry Rose champagne is all over PCOS blogs and fertility websites as being beneficial in numerous ways. Win-win. So far I have had one cup of each tea everyday since Sunday. Now that I think I will use it, I have put a cast iron tea pot on our wedding registry!

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