Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh Hives

I thought I was a mosquito but the worsening of the condition and brought me to the conclusion that I am in fact being plagued by hives :-( big red itchy hives.

Oh I forgot to mention I took a little vacation from my NC norms to visit my family in Louisiana. This weekend is not going as planned.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Waiting Game

Why is she not here? Ugggh I give her until Wednesday to show or I'm taking provera.

Monday, March 25, 2013


I got bored yesterday being stranded at home so I took a pregnancy test. Why not? We have so many in the house!

+ Castor Oil Packs

So I added Castor Oil Packs to my TTC Healing regime. While I'm doing this I'll add in some positive fertility meditation!

When I went to and many other website to find a CHEAP way to DIY Castor Oil Packs and everyone wants me to use organic wool and other accessories... Umm when I said cheap I meant REALLY REALLY Cheap, as close as we can get to "free" for the longest period of time as possible. So I have come up with my own recipe.

Castor Oil (16 oz) that I has acquired from Vitamin Shoppe ($8)
Organic Baby Towels (set of 4) from Bed Bath and Beyond ($8) and I used one of those 20% off coupons
Large Freezer Ziploc Bag I already had ($Priceless)
Gel Ice/Warm Packs I already had ($Priceless)

I only used about 7 oz of the castor oil so I could have done with a smaller bottle. Also you can reuse the castor oil pack several times (25-30) But I have a hunch that you can use the castor oil pack as long as it still holds castor oil so I'll be using these four packs until I successfully conceive. Not much longer now.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

CD 43

It's CD 43 and the wait continues. My intention was to take a pregnancy test then induce the start of my cycle but I'm hesitating. Good hesitations.
1) My parents are coming down next week
2) I have a really big presentation on the 28th of March
3) I have a really big exam on the 1st of April
4) I am sort of curious to see how/when this cycle is going to end
5) The later I get my HSG done the more likely it will help boost our odds when we do our IUI

When my period starts I HAVE to get my HSG done when I do I'm getting the oil HSG to temporarily improve the chances of conceiving for the next three months. So if I wait until Late April to get my HSG done we will be able to hold off the IUI for late July. Ideally I can hold off until May or June so we can push our out IUI with the increased effects of conception to August September. With the wedding in October we can be pregnant with no one the wiser until we return from out honeymoon.

Hopefully all of these things work out.

I really hope it wont take more than a couple cycles for us.

Fingers crossed all the way!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


My physician is having me wait another week before deciding if we induce my next period so I can have my hsg done.

I didn't ovulate yet.... It's not even on its way. :-/

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I forgot to post how fast we received his fertiliaid. We chose the 5-7 day shipping, placed the order Friday, it traveled USPS and arrived Tuesday!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

+ FertiliAid for Men

We just added Fertiliaid for Men to our fertility regime. Ordered on Friday we're expecting our first bottle to arrive this week sometime.

We haven't gotten the results from his semen analysis that explicitly states what's going on but we were informed that it was more than a count issue and were referred immediately to a specialist. That's enough for us to start Fertiliaid, when we find out what is wrong we'll add Motility boost or Countboost, maybe both.