Saturday, March 23, 2013

CD 43

It's CD 43 and the wait continues. My intention was to take a pregnancy test then induce the start of my cycle but I'm hesitating. Good hesitations.
1) My parents are coming down next week
2) I have a really big presentation on the 28th of March
3) I have a really big exam on the 1st of April
4) I am sort of curious to see how/when this cycle is going to end
5) The later I get my HSG done the more likely it will help boost our odds when we do our IUI

When my period starts I HAVE to get my HSG done when I do I'm getting the oil HSG to temporarily improve the chances of conceiving for the next three months. So if I wait until Late April to get my HSG done we will be able to hold off the IUI for late July. Ideally I can hold off until May or June so we can push our out IUI with the increased effects of conception to August September. With the wedding in October we can be pregnant with no one the wiser until we return from out honeymoon.

Hopefully all of these things work out.

I really hope it wont take more than a couple cycles for us.

Fingers crossed all the way!

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