Monday, June 3, 2013

How Lucky We Are to be Infertile!

This is not to discredit anyone else journeys to parenthood but us couples trying to conceive have something special. To deliberately plan out our children to be aware of the deliberate act that brings us our positive pregnancy tests. We get an opportunity to demonstrate love for our partners and future children on a level unfathomable to those who never got the chance to try to conceive.

I was feeling bummed about not conceiving for so long and my fiancé gave me his take on our glorious little journey.

He told me that we are lucky to need assistance trying to conceive. It made him be a real part if the process. Instead of a bout of pleasure; maybe phenomenal, maybe mediocre, maybe out of rage, maybe with rose petals and candles; he and I will hold hands knowing the exact moment we conceive. Our child will be a deliberate act, thoughtful and planned. He is just as involved as I. Us both with understanding that we are attempting to create a life in that moment.

We have sex all the time sometimes beautiful sometimes lazily but our babe will never be a "consequence" of our actions but a revelation of a mommy and daddy's dream to be parents. When we conceive that dream and understanding will be the front runner of our thoughts. This could be it! We could become parents in this instant. Months of planing makes our little ones to be very very lucky.

Luckily for us we need medical assistance to even have a chance at conceiving. What a blessing! When we embrace it's selfless, it is full of passion, it's two people in love. When we walk into the doctors office we are perspective parents, on the same page, putting forth the same effort, walking down the same journey, completely in love.

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When I mention it to my friends they explain their fears about getting pregnant because, to them it's the moment they have to stop living for themselves and start living for other people. For us, we stopped living for ourselves primarily since we began this journey to conception. So there is no big huge transition, everyday we eat, work, and prepare to receive this gift from God; this is our prenatal life we just haven't conceived yet.

I just thought I'd share with you all. Sometimes I feel really bummed that it will never just happened for us but my fiance made me realize the outstanding opportunity to bring children into the world in complete awareness. I wish I were much better with words but I hope everyone here gets the opportunity to realize how romantic our journeys truly are. Many couples don't get this opportunity to be so aware of when our children are conceived.

I am so in love with this man it brings me to tears that I never acknowledged the beautiful moments we are sharing. We are all so lucky to be here even if it doesn't feel like it when a new cycle begins.

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