Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Call

New person; same tests
So two weeks ago, Garr did the same workup they had me do in February. As soon as we get these results in we should be preparing for our first intrauterine insemination!! It took my labs three months to come back in so I guess that will put our results coming in around August and our first IUI being late September/early October.

Which is mighty close to the stresses of putting on our wedding production so I called our nurses to see if we can do an IUI before the lab results came in. Maybe one without stimulation to make up for the fact that we'll be starting earlier.

So realizing that we may have to wait another three months before we get the opportunity to try I called the clinic to request that we try an IUI cycle before his lab results came back.

To our surprise it only took them three days to process the same labs for him that took them 3 months to process for me. Congratulations we have the green light! After talking it over with Garr we have decided to wait until August anyway for our first round. It puts us close enough to the wedding that we can keep it a secret and it is after two weeks of me traveling a lot for work.

So it is official, we will do our first IUI in two short beautiful months!

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