Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Knock on Wood

So now that my cycles have finally gotten regular; 28 day regular, textbook regular, they have dissipated? I thought I was having my period but it turns out that I'm just having excessive spotting. Usually, well every period I have ever had in the history of forever have been at least some sort of full flow that lasted a few days. This time around I'm just spotting. I had one day of medium flow that I counted as CD1 but the remainder of the days have been spotting, not enough to saturate a pantyliner. Sometimes I toss a tampon in there and when I go to pull it out 6 hours later it's unblemished then I'll get on again light spotting like I get before my cycle begins.

It's dark red/brown....

Please no uterus, we are so close to our IUI cycle.  Don't start acting crazy again!

((()))))Feeling Nervous(((()))))

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