Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Obsessions Through Time

Years ago I would gush to my fiancé(then boyfriend) about our children as adults. What they would would be like at our age: would they find love? Be an entrepreneur? Professional dancer?

The next year we talked more about our preteens. Those awkward coming of age years. 

The following we would spend hours talking about toddlers. Getting them educational toys and teaching them all the hard stuff early like complex theories, applied mathematics, all those big words in the photosynthesis cycle.

 Then babies & labor were all we could ever think about. Hospital or at home? circumcisum? Birthing aids and prenatal care. Breast feeding.

Last year we were obsessed with pregnancy. What we will and wont do, who we would and wouldnt tell. ultrasounds, classes, prep work.

Today, we are TTC experts and find ourselves crying over YouTube videos of pregnancy announcements lol. Oh the places we have been. I don't think we can do this another year...

What would we obsess over then??

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