Friday, July 19, 2013

Prolonging the Journey

So my fiance and I made a pretty intense decision. We are going to wait yet ANOTHER cycle before we do our first IUI.

But we are almost happier than ever. After I started talking more and more to other women and couples going though infertility we found that the little things that we heard about our first RE weren't uncommon. In fact what we heard from the women were down right awful. We didn't realize that we were in the midst of their complaints because we were so excited to FINALLY be on a plan to get our child.

We were lucky to schedule at CMCWI with Dr. U next month! Around my anticipated CD1!! So soon! Our only worry is that we'll have to do a cycle of testing before we're able to do our cycle of treatment which will put us doing our first treatment around October (predicted ovulation being a week before our wedding).

Hopefully our our insurance cards will be in by then.

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