Monday, August 26, 2013

New RE!!

Last Friday, Garr and I met with our new RE. She had us hooked from the beginning as she corrected our fertility assumptions we have made. She showed us our lab results and exam images and carefully explained what she saw, what it means, and how we should adjust our plan accordingly. We developed a plan together, actually. She had the procedures we anticipated perusing mapped out and explained day by day. Yes! We loved that!! 

So here is where we are today: 
CD 33, at CD 35 I'm calling into the clinic to see why my cycle hasn't started. 

I need to get my chicken pox vaccine

Garr sees his urologist on September 9th!

I have lose approximately 12lbs this month. (Yap, she straight up told me that I needed to lose weight, finally.)

I have to go in for this very inclusive genetic test that will get done when my insurance kicks in.

We will only do a treatment if I am ovulating from my right side since my left tube may or may not be blocked. 

We aren't scheduled to start our first treatment until October (wedding month) and we're totally fine with that.

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