Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Going WAY Public

So we're about to go public about out TTC journey. Like way public. Our parents are aware that we have fertility issues our closest friends know that we've been struggling to get pregnant but we haven't really let anyone into our world. Well my friends that is all about to change very soon. And we are thrilled and confident in our decision. Why?

1) We know who we are, we are confident in it.
- By sharing with our family and friends what we are going though we don't become anything different than who we are. One of the hardest parts about telling people that we are infertile is facing the presumption that this new information changes how we are perceived.

2) Fears Dropped. (We're not trying to be perfect role, we're being ourselves living our lives)
- We are who we are and that's the best people we can be. We are not less worthy of our family's love because we are infertile. We are not less worthy of children because we are infertile. We are not less worthy of the blessings we have received because we have been suffering for so long.  We are just medically unable to conceive a child naturally. If you choose to judge us negatively based on things out of our control, you're just a bully and I don't want to associate with you anyway.

3) It Will Only Make Things Better.
- Once we go public we will be able to grieve when we need to grieve, we'll stop getting those "When are you having kids" comments, we'll be able to seek companionship in our friends and family who may have suffered infertility as well. We will be able to build a better life and a better experience, never being alone again.

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