Thursday, September 19, 2013

Positive OPK CD 15 & 17

CD17 opk- positive

CD15 opk - positive

This is our last TTC cycle without treatment!! I took my chickenpox vaccine at the beginning of the cycle and decided to ttc anyway. It's been 5 years with no bfp so I'm not concerned. I just know that if we didn't try I would highly regret it until our next ovulation period. I did some research with Dr. Google and apparently the chance of complications is very low but present with the vaccine. Add that to the low chances we have ttc in general and we'll probably win the lottery before we conceive naturally and have complications from the vaccine.

Oh well, here is to the 2ww. May you arrive swiftly, leave swiftly, and take me to my iui on any day other than the wedding. Amen.

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  1. Get it girl! Have fun with your last natural 2ww. Mine is coming soon I hope.