Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The two week wait stinks. So much. I could write an entire post dedicated to the 40 reasons I don't like the 2ww but I'll spare you and just keep you updated on what I have been up to this time around.

3 Days Post Insemination (AKA  10/28/2013)

Yap, thats my paper mache uterus in the making!!
I started off my day by beginning a craft; Paper Mache craft. I found the idea on ETSY. It's supposed to be a uterus that I will fill with new feminine hygiene products, chocolates, airplane size liquor and maybe some confetti. The idea is that if my period arrives I'll have the opportunity to pinata the heck out of the uterus and receive gifts of liquor, chocolate, and tampons. If anything this project will at least keep me busy this week as I struggle not to take every pregnancy test in NC.
Turkey Chilli
This evening I cooked my Husband of 2 weeks Turkey Chilli from the Dillards Holiday Cookbook my sister got us as a wedding gift! It was delicious! We used PBR as the beer for the recipe (the beer we were willing to sacrifice) and it's probably some of the best chilli I have ever made. There's a chilli cook off going on in our neighborhood and I almost have mind to enter this recipe (but I wont, that would be cheating).

These delectable yeast rolls are 10xs as tasty as they appear. Every single one of them made from scratch with help of my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. My husband exclaimed "Lerissa this is amazing!" And I politely reminded him that I can cook, I can cook very well. I just don't like cooking feasts. Stop telling your friends I don't or can't cook and this will happen more often.
Yeast Rolls: Made with Coconut Milk

4 Days Post Insemination (10/29/2013)

I had to go into work this morning so most of my day was devoted to getting ready, getting there and coming back home. My faux uterus project is still drying (it's cold out here) so I'm not able to work on that today but I did get to bring home an earlier project I'd been working on for a few weeks when the 2ww was getting too rough. The plate was pre-poured all I did was spend the 8 hours it took for my to paint it. No stencils. All free hand. I think the next plates I'll do will be a set and I'll write out our wedding vows on them... if I'm optimistic. 
I also managed to squeeze in a last minute acupuncture appointment with a new doctor. The one I usually go see has been out Friday and will return Wednesday afternoon when I would then be able to schedule an appointment. Luckily I found a chiropractor to let me come in at 9:30am tomorrow morning. My hope is they'll do some magic Chinese points that will encourage implantation.


  1. I love the uterine pinata idea! Where did you find the recipe for the rolls? Not like either dh or I need rolls, but they look good and I have a stand mixer as well.


  2. Roll Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/unbelievable-rolls/