Thursday, October 3, 2013

Surely, your temps must have stopped increasing by now

My temp today was 98.80.... I can't make this stuff up. My temps are still increasing. I'm getting ready for my appointment this morning and hope they share some pleasing news with me. I've been adjusting my ovulation date to "at the latest I must have ovulated on or before this day" but my temps are still increasing! I've figured it out though! Since worst case scenario has My period arriving the day of our wedding as soon as these temps turn and I feel that my period is surly on its way Im going to start my provera to delay it a day or two so we can blissfully have our wedding in peace.

UPDATE 8:04am

Getting my labs done now all I want are answers, and answers I will receive. 

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  1. Keep in mind that if your beta is - and you are at 9dpo, that you are not out of the game. Looking forward to an update.