Monday, November 4, 2013


Can I be honest with you ladies?

I really felt entitled to have a blazing BFP today.

I should be at least pregnant with triplets this cycle right? I'm young, on fertility drugs, healthy... If age is the biggest factor when it come to fertility, I'm terrified. If age is the biggest factor when it comes to fertility then we have some major issues. I'm running out of my super fertile years if I haven't already left that stage behind. 

I want to be DONE with this journey. I want to move on. I'm too scared to give up on children because I have always identified myself as a mother but I'm also terrified of ttc for the next 23 years. We may have to resort to adopting but I'm TERRIFIED that with the medical bills we've racked up that our credit is too far gone to pass a home study.

I spent my whole morning crying.

It's pms putting me in this sad mood, as it always does 4 days before my cycle begins.

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