Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Another negative pregnancy test today. Yap I accepted it, no squinting no photo adjustments, I'm just not pregnant. I have decided that this is the last year trying to conceive. The most you'll get out of me is not preventing after 2014 hits.... Maybe even now? I'm over it.

My temperature began plummeting.
I have headaches.
And boy is it hard to keep the anger and tears back. Aunt Flow is surly on her way.

Judging by my saliva test it looks like my estrogen levels are on the rise as well. Tell tale sign of Aunty Flow. 

I'm feeling pretty angry. 
I'm feeling definitely sad. 
I hate that I've worked so hard to get my life in perfect order before we conceived only to not be able to conceive. 
I hate that I don't eat fried foods, take bubble baths, drink liquor, workout not-riggerously... I hate the life I live. I loved it when I thought motherhood was right around the corner but now, thinking of everything I don't do makes me sick. 

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