Wednesday, November 6, 2013

12DPiui (Evening)

12 days post iui NoVember 6, 2013
Just when things started to turn south with my plummeting temps and I began feeling exceptionally down some awesome things began to happen.

1) two packages came in the mail. I LOVE getting packages

2) one package was my Wayyy Public shirt. The front reads "The loss of a dream. The struggle with infertility. I think this makes me an activist :-) woah!

3) the second package was an adoption information package. We can start our adoption process at any moment now. We plan to adopt reguardless of ttc status/successes

4) I learned about IVM. It's when they retrieve immature eggs and mature them in a controlled environment outside of the body. Then the rest is basic ivf protocol. Perfect for pcos couples :-) that's us!!! 

5) I found a yoga workshop. THIS WEEKEND that was really calling my name. I'm going to convince my husband to come with me. It should be great. 

6) I got out of the house today and it wasn't for errands!!! Whattt! It was to socialize and do/say nothing important

7) I finally went to the bank to change my name and update my address:-) #newlastname

8) I took a BATH against my REs orders. It felt so good. There were bubbles and a wine glass full of pure cranberry juice.

9) I didn't dwell on our fertility. Today turned out to be pretty effing awesome ESPECIALLY for being in the last 3days of the 2ww.

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