Friday, November 1, 2013


5DPIUI-Wednesday, October 30, 2013
My chiropractor today. Young, fit, and attractive. End of story.

Had my post-insemination pre-implantation acupuncture appointment today. I had to zip down to a new chiropractor because the one I usually see would have been out of the office until this afternoon. Not okay! I could potentially implant tomorrow!!! Chiropractor did a few points that I'm not used to. two on my forehead, one mid-cranium, two at my collar bone and three at each writs. I got to meet a client of his (now receptionist) that did acupuncture with him and swears that she has her two sons now because of it. She was suffering from infertility for two years before she sought out his help. When I told her that I had been trying for five years, like many others, she was surprised that I had been trying so long and was seemingly young and healthy.  I am convinced that the "age is your strongest fertility factor" is a load of elephant crap.
I told my sister about our fertility treatments today. I don't want her to worry if we aren't able to conceive. But I know it's more important for her to be in the loop than to not be burdened. 
My chiropractor today. Young, fit, and attractive. End of story.
For dinner. I cooked Chicken Marsala straight from the Dillard's Christmas cookbook my sister bought me and it came out so so delicious. I am used to getting a recipe that doesn't turn out right but this was delicious as was yesterdays meal. Luckily we have a food processor and stand mixer to keep us from having to improvise.

And I went to bed on a sugar high. I really just laughed at my paleo diet and enjoyed the consumption of one of my favorite ice cream flavors. Vanilla-chocolate-and almonds.

6DPI (Halloween 2013)
My loving husband got off of work today because of a  work accident he was involved in.

We cleaned. We talked. We did Halloween.

We managed to wrestle the boys into allowing us to do imprints of their paw that we can turn into Christmas ornaments.
Actually, those silly imprints required a ton of dog/owner/spouse cooperation. Kody took forever. He was afraid of stepping in the dough to the extent that when we lifted his two hind legs to encourage him to shift his weight to his front paws he shifted all of his weight to the legs we were holding... Eventually it worked though and the ornaments turned our very well.

We didn't realize how LARGE puppy Max's paws had gotten until we did this little craft. Max weighs about 45lbs and Kody weighs about 47lbs. I love mutts full of surprises!

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  1. The age thing is definitely a load of crap. We started trying the month before my 19th birthday and here we are 14 and a half years later with nothing to show.