Friday, November 1, 2013


Uneventful day. I need to finish my piƱata uterus and continue studying for my securities licence. Ugggh. I still have some pressure in my uterus area. It makes me worried to try another one of these cycles. I may lose my whole darn uterus or ovary :-/ not cool. Today I watched my husband play the new battlefield with his bros. #yawn #thingsthatboreme you would think I spent the time being productive... Nope. I just watched and messed around on pinterest planning the perfect baby shower. Then I stumbled upon this gem and had to share.  The quote that went along with it was ""This is my life. It is real and I can't be stuck feeling bad about it forever. I have a daughter and that is amazing.” (Lost baby from Encephalocele during the second trimester and has had 11 IUI's in 2 years)" loved this.
A great article I found that better describes my issue with keeping the secret is here:

Good omens garr and I stumbled across a brand of sausage we tried for the first time we went to visit the Birthing Center. It was(is) the birthing center we've been wanting to use since we began ttc and there the package of sausage was it it's deliciousness over a year later. We grocery shop a lot, and this is our first time seeing it in on the shelf. Maybe this is a sign of good things to come next Friday??

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