Saturday, November 16, 2013

Can You Keep a Secret??

Can you keep a secret??? No really you have to keep this one. Promise? Okay, here it comes.

I don't want this iui to work. 

*gasp* I know right. 

I have my heart set on adopting an going to CCRM. We NEED a vacation and A trip out to CCRM makes planning a vacation so easy. 

Besides if we conceive this cycle my due date will be my sisters 21st birthday... 

That's no good. I'll be going into labor and she'll be singing to her porcelain throne...

Each of us not wanting to ruin each others big days.

Right at the beginning of her last semester... No bueno. 

The sooner we get through this next cycle, the sooner we'll get to go to CCRM and the sooner we can start our adoption process. I already told the nurse at our cd3 appointment that we were ready to move on. So I'm not worried about this cycle. Like at all. I'm taking my vitamins but I hardly care to conceive this time around. Just going through the motions, going to church, and practicing my yoga. #life

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