Thursday, November 21, 2013

IUI #2 - Week 2

Wednesday was our first and only pre-insemination u/s. I was shocked at the first follicle we found. 

First we measured my endometrium. I knew right away that it was half the fullness it was last time (16mm) which is good. I have read that having an over thick endometrium reduced the odds of conception substantially. My endo was 9.7mm a good healthy range with triple pattern. Already we were off to a good start. 

Left ovary a grand 14x13mm follicle which was a little smaller than last time. I will admit to the tears that welled up a little when I assumed it meant that my body was not responding properly. I need right side ovulation anyway since my left Fallopian tube can not be determined to be open.

We move onto the right ovary and tears well up again. The first follicle we found was large! Much larger than our previous cycles first scan! Yes!! 19x15!! Last cycle we triggered a 22x18 so this follicle was well on its way! I am content that I will at least be able to trigger by Friday! The scan continues and we stumble upon follicle #3 and I get so excited that I my smile begins to hurt. Follicle #3 is noticeably bigger than any follicle I had ever seen on an ultrasound. She was hiding in the back but was a generous 25 x18. Yes, we are triggering tonight. 

My husband is with me so he watches my roller coaster of emotions and is startled when I announce "babe! We're triggering tonight!!" 

I'm in disbelief. Last cycle went so crummy while I was doin everything I I could to conceive and this one went so smoothly as I did everything I could to have fun. 

So we triggered Wednesday night to do our insemination on Friday. 

Wednesday we got into a 7hour long conversation/argument all while we had company over. Then we triggered 15 minutes early for no reason at all. (10:15pm). Awesome thanks babe. 

Thursday we did nothing but lounge around the house. 

Friday was insemination day. After my husband returns from providing his swimming DNA he takes me out to breakfast to deliver the news: he spilt out at least 3/4 of the delivery. With is historically low count that was the opposite of what was good. I'm pretty disappointed but know that he is too so we try to look a the bright side. 

Insemination time and We are ready to go. Our nurse informs us that everything looks good but held back telling us the details of the swim team besides telling my husband that it was really good. I'm inverted and the proceedure goes so smoothly, I didn't feel a thing. My cervix was wide open ready for that catheter. We end up napping together, sharing my pillow for the 20 minutes post proceedure. I was cocooned in the warmest of blankets and had the most restful 20 minutes of sleep I ever had. 
When our twenty minutes were up our nurse turned on the lights and gave us our post insemination directions. We inquired about the post-wash swim team and she informe us that it was 8.9 million!!! Woah! That's almost twice the swimmers we had last cycle!! She told us to dtd as soon as possible as long as it's comfortable. Well, my husband was very pleased with himself, and I was feeling no discomfort from the proceedure so we quickly re-inseminated before I got dressed. 

All day no discomfort. All weekend no discomfort. :-) I should reach 5dpo Wednesday so I'll probobly implant thanksgiving or the few days following. 

Next week I will take a digital pregnancy test with my husband on the 7th... I may sneak in an FRER Monday and Wednesday :-P lol this iui just went so smoothly.

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