Tuesday, December 3, 2013

IUI #2- Week Three

I have an ear infection... It started off on my right side, dissipated, and then moved over to my left side where it has been making me feel the most uncomfortable. It's not bad enough that it ruins my day but it is ever present which is enough to have me wishing I could get a nice prescription of anti-biotic.

Monday I had my first counseling session with a psychologist. No therapist for me my crazy is in the big leagues according to my therapist lol ;-). Anyway our next meeting is scheduled for WEDNESDAY December 4th. Which will be awesome! For one reason in particular POAS! Since I'll be seeing my psychologist I have given myself a free pass to POAS at 12DPO. In the case that it's negative I'll be seeing her anyway and she'll get to ride my break down for an hour hopefully diffusing it enough that I'll be able to function like a normal human being.

Tuesday I drove my husband and our two boys (dogs) the 4.5 hour drive over the river and through the woods, to my parent's home. That night she fixed us shrimp and white fish which I couldn't eat because the only fish I'm allowed to eat are those with legit names that are listed on the "Fish I can eat" list specifically. Oh well.
Bowling, Ice Cream, Beer, Family <3

Wednesday, We slept in like champions. I woke up at seven only to go back to bed an hour later and wake up at noon. I was exhausted. Wednesday I am the notorious 5DPO and I don't feel a thing. I should implant anytime between now and Monday if this is going to be a legit pregnancy.  No signs of implantation yet

Thursday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm so thankful for my family, husband, life, health, dogs, friends, city, state, country, world, love, freedom, school, and so so much more!

Friday: My parents took us out bowling :-) they were impressed with how good my husband was. 

Saturday: the cylinder in my brakes broke off mid-drive home. So I ended up taking my mothers car back home. Not the highlight of our trip but I am so thankful that my parents have spare cars lying around :-)

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