Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pcos thought

Just a PCOS THOUGHT (as I eat my oatmeal and chia seeds)

Maybe weightloss isn't the cure for pcos maybe it's a side effect for managing the pcos. 

Maybe it's a side effect from exercise and diet changes. 

When you have pcos it's hard to lose weight so when you do poof the pcos is being managed? I think not. 

Skinny women get pcos too. 

Just a thought. 


  1. Idk, I think that maybe for some overweight women who don't have it very badly, that weight loss can help. I didn't ovulate when I weighed over 250 unless I took a few months of bcp straight to shrink my cysts or did clomid. When I got under 230, I started ovulating every cycle, though not regularly. Since I have been under 200, (2 cycles now) I have been ovulating cd15 which used to be unheard of. It could also have something to do with eating less meat and more veggies. Who knows? Then there are women who have it so severely that it doesn't matter how close to their ideal weight they are, their ovaries are still stubborn.

  2. I've never been 150+ my doctor keeps telling me to lose weight to manage my pcos with my specific pcos diet. All of my research shows the eating the right foods in the right portions directly affect pcos. Exersicing is the same, doing exersices helps with pcos. I just concluded that doing these things = weight loss and weight loss probobly isn't causation for pcosanagment itself but a lovely little side effect to the effort and effectively managing the pcos.