Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Since I'm not pregnant...

My pre-period cramps have survived through my period and out the other side... Now I'm just annoyed but working very hard to completely ignore my fertility... besides continuing to take my multivitamin cocktail of One-a-day Womens, D-3 1000iu, and Super B-Vitamin complex; doing prenatal yoga and signing up for prenatal acupuncture, budgeting in adoption, and pseudo planning a trip to CCRM... you know completely ignoring my fertility. This is just my life now.

As I told you before it may be several months before we're able to try to conceive again. Financially, we're drained, emotionally I well over baked, and we're too young to be future parents all the time without ever actually becoming parents... time for us to be 20-somethings. Drinking, Socializing, Social Drinking, Sleeping in, Going to bed let. No regular sleep schedule for BBTs. No "I might be pregnant" excuses to why we canceled another trip to the beach or declined a party. That silliness needed to STOP. If I can't bear children at LEAST let me have my house, career, and my youth!

Since I'm not pregnant this cycle and I thought I was I will let you in on my pregnancy announcement idea.

My family is coming over for our first Christmas. My big idea was to have two stockings over the fireplace and then Christmas morning add a third sock and wait for someone to notice :) 
I thought it'd be very cute. My mother or sister would be the ones to figure it out for sure and then their sirens of excitement would alert my entire neighborhood. 

At this point, there aren't a lot of people who don't know about our struggle to conceive and I am so grateful. There is so much good support and advice. I don't feel as alone, I don't feel as little of a woman, I feel safe. It was scary coming out but I'm so glad I did. As I came out, others came out. As the conversation became an okay to talk about topic women and couples who never struggled to conceive became aware of the many members of their social groups that did. "Your so young it'll happen"s got reinformed, have you tried ivf/adoption questions got enlightened, it has been a very good month in the topic of growing families. 

Good job family & friends. You all are so loving and receptive. It warms my heart for you all to listen and grow from each other and for you all to come out with your own struggles openly and freely. 

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  1. I'm so glad you "came out" too. You're so brave. Hoping and wishing the best is yet to come for you in 2014.