Friday, December 27, 2013

So This Christmas...

Monday December 23rd (2 days before Christmas) my primary care physician wrote me my very first probably-going-to-take-for-the-rest-of-my-life medications for my high cholesterol. When you're on statins you CAN NOT try to conceive or be pregnant. Instead of cleaning and preparing for my family's arrival I spent the day moping, crying, and realizing my less than perfect health and less that optimal chances for ever conceiving our own children.

Maybe this is why we haven't been able to conceive all along? The tears keep flowing.

My husband sent me out to Walmart to pick up the fabric I wanted to make curtains out of... he handed me his card and I selected $45 worth of my favorite curtain fabric, patterns and colors. When it came time to check out our credit card was declined. I put my items down and went home in tears! HOW EMBARRASSING! Today was not the day for more things to go wrong, that's why I hadn't left my room sooner, duh. Come to find out the bar we went to to watch the Saints/Panthers game on Sunday rang us up for $2000... the receipt said $23... our card is locked down 2 days before Christmas.

Tuesday December 24th (1 day before Christmas) I wake up trembling and in tears. This Christmas my family is coming over and it will be our 6th Christmas trying for a child and going childless once more. Last cycle everything was different. We had an IUI, my follicle was a great size, we had 8.9 million sperm to work with but we approach this day still childless. My parents arrive early and without skipping a beat my mother takes over the kitchen to make enchiladas for my sister who will be arriving fashionably on-time but hardly. We go to Christmas Eve Christmas service and had a BLAST! We go to our neighbors for additional sleeping bags and an air pump that we found had corroded beyond it's usefulness.

But as the excitement slows down it's replaced by my dread for christmas morning to arrive.

Wednesday December 25 (Christmas Day) The day arrives. We're busy cooking and finding charcoal. Yes, we did find it. We had to find a 7-11 (we have 7-11s??) but they had enough charcoal for our Christmas steaks :-) I find out that my parents both have high cholesterol and my mother specifically has high cholesterol and low blood pressure (like me) so I KNOW this was just hereditary. She never had a problem conceiving her five children so high cholesterol can no longer be ruled the culprit for why we can't conceive.
I'm whining today but Christmas day was truly a blast! Everyone enjoyed themselves and we got to spend great quality time with our parents. high cholesterol

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