Saturday, December 28, 2013

Told My Mother... about adopting

So I told my mother yesterday, via text message, that we were planning on adopting and that we anticipated starting the process this April.

"Lerissa, you and G are just starting your new life together.  God has a plan for both of you.  You all will be able to enjoy your own kids when God's time is right.  Whenever someone is under pressure or wants things to happen immediately it seems to not happen, but through my experiences, God always has a plan for it to happen, and it does happen and it will happen. Tell God what you want, I mean really tell Him and then let it go. The doctor can help but God, the miracle worker will make it happen.  My precious daughter, pray hard to Let Go and Let God! I will always be there for you and before I go back to Heaven I know I will get to rock my little grandchild. If the end result is adoption we will all love it the same. You and Garrett needs to relax and enjoy each other.  You guys are a beautiful and handsome couple.  You all at least have 41 years ahead of you.  Smile and happy thoughts. Love Mother!"

I responded :
"Thanks mother, I know it's hard for you to understand all that we have gone through but after our last fertility treatment failed we have let go which is why we are perusing adoption. We have experienced many years of heartache as we waited for our dreams to become reality. Now that we're married we have a beautiful opportunity to adopt and initiate our family. We have just gotten married but our life together started many years ago when we decided that we would be together for the rest of our lives. "

In 6 years... fertility treatments at the age where I'm the most fertile a person can every hope to be and still not conceive? Adoption is really our best and only realistic option.

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  1. I'm sorry you're struggling right now. It sounds like it's hard for your mother to understand. Hang in there my friend.