Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014... Off to a rough start

Instead of 2014 bringing us a child my husband insists that we shouldn't. Money is tight, and bills have gotten out of control... Instead of doing IUIs we're on clomid starting next cycle... The RE gave us very slim odds of it working so she is only letting us do it for 2 cycles...

My husband can't make up his mind (and I wish he would before I ovulate). As soon as he tells me he doesn't want to try he whisks me away to the pharmacy to pick up our next prescription of clomid... Communication is a little off right now or else I'm missing the boat. 

I got a lot of disclaimer from the nurse about the side effects of clomid, risk of ectopic pregnancy, and how to handle my cycles. 

This really stinks. Our next real option is ivf. CCRM gave us a 70+% chance of it working the first time. So we feel really confidant in those odds, if we ever get the resources to do so.

I just want to be a mother. 

I just want a babe, a son or daughter of my own. 

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