Monday, January 27, 2014

The disgrace of infertility

This blog post is worth sharing with friends. Initially as I came out about our infertility to family friends and strangers I thought that I'd inform people of the process of ttc with artificial reproductive technologies. That's not how they can help. They'll never understand what it's like from protecting your private parts your whole life to dropping trou at any point for every doctor to stick a probe in your lady business and only to tell you thing you already knew. No, they just hear "vaginal ultrasound" and it's as real to them as dancing unicorns. I realized that it's more important for them to understand what we are, their neighbor, their distant relative, their sister, their silent friend is going though. That's where they can help, that's were they can learn and grow, and raise awearness.

So I share with you this article :) enjoy and pass it on.

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