Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Fall 2010 we suffered our first chemical pregnancy.

June 2011 we started charting online with Fertility Fertility friend trying to conceive. 

March 2012 we suffered our second chemical pregnancy and last positive pregnancy test.

2014... Hopefully this is our year... Adoption process starts in April. People don't understand that being a parent and raising a family is our dream. Graduation college was a dream and so was having biological children. I didn't "take a break" before I went to college and I sure am not going to "take a break" before perusing our our goal. 

I went to college, got married, bought a house, all so that he and I could start our family. I don't care to travel unless it's to show our child the world. So many years of month to month having each period feel like a miscarriage needs to come to an end.

I had a long discussion with the pastors wife about our trying to conceive efforts. She has never suffered infertility. She asked me that if I was saved why did we have premarital sex. Well, since my doctor told me in 2009 my fertility was in decline we decided that sooner than later would be best for us to initiate our family. When we spoke to our parents about our plans to marry we got no support since it had only been a year and we obviously didn't know what we were facing. The pastors wife got married within a year of meeting/dating her husband. My husband and I have decided that in order to align with our families wishes we would not get married with out prompt. We agreed that having the family we dreamed of was more important than family politics so we decided to try to conceive and elope as soon as we became pregnant. We made a commitment long ago that forever together is what we'd fight for. 

We began a big fat savings account to cover our expenses when baby would arrive (that turned into our house deposit later since we have never achieved pregnancy pre-marriage as agreed). 

In the biblical times marriage was realized when a couple agreed to live together as husband and wife. The wealthy/nobal had weddings the commoners did not. 

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