Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Confirmed Ovulation!!

Ovulation has been verified to have occurred prior to Monday, February 10th!! So I set my ovulation day in fertility friend for Sunday though I'm pretty sure it was closer to Saturday. 

I will admit, I'm pretty stoked to see that I have successfully ovulate and from my left side? Wow! This is a completely confirmed ovulation not only has my follicle shown signs of deflation but it's demonstrating the corpus luteum ripple that produces all that good progesterone a growing baby will need.  We haven't seen that in all of my ultrasounds!

Left side has the Fallopian tube that can not be determined to be open... So closed. We definant did all we could so short of medical interventions to ensure that we caught this little guy in case that tube is open.

Officially In the two week wait. Since I'm on clomid I HAVE to test 14dpo to protect myself in the case of ectopic pregnancies. 

Wish us luck!

Different is good. 
Clomid 50mg works for me :-) 

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