Monday, February 17, 2014

Testing Week Testing Week Oh My oh My it's testing week!

Grab your sticks and grab your camera ladies it's finally testing week!
Testing week is here! Woooohoooo!! Are you all ready for this! I'm not but I'm still just as exctited to have the opportunity to have this day to share with everyone! My plan for this week is starting testing at 11DPO or 5 days before my anticipated period. I exhausted the last of my pregnancy tests last cycle so I'll have to acquire new ones. I think Walmart 88cent cassettes will do the trick. I'll buy 6. One for everyday of testing week. I will do that tonight! Ohhhhhhhh here we go. Fingers crossed. The week is young and hope is still abundant. I think today I'll start a feelings meter that I'll post with my journal entry or a hope meter? maybe both??? We'll see you know how I am with following through with anything I promise to do for this silly blog.

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