Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The End

The end is near.

If it wasn't for our IVM cycle coming up in March we'd be done TTC this cycle.

We've decided that after the IVM cycle we're not going to be trying to conceive any longer. When I turn 30 I'm getting my tubes tied, double knotted. Losing my body to baby already terrifies me and from observation post 35 you lose your body and you don't get it back (unless you're wealthy). So NO I actually honestly and truly refuse to have children after my 20s. 

It's bitter sweet. To end this journey. Bitter because this is all I've ever wanted my entire life. Sweet because finally letting it all go, the probing, the anticipation, the expectations, the nights of tears, the negative pregnancy tests.

I want to keep trying but we need to live our lives. I need to be me. I need to submit to my husband and in this journey I just can't.

My journey to natural parenthood is just about to a close.

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