Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Its cycle day 16 of my 65 month journey to have our first child. Honestly, i had no clue what CD it was until my good ttc friend checked up on me yesterday. I tossed a soft cup in there yesterday morning to celebrate... maybe 65 months the charm?? I only have half an ounce of hope left in having sex to initiate our family. So todays soft cup was just a little ttc pagentry. So i dont think I'm trying anymore but we're not going to stop doing the deed. So we're trying not trying?

We are still waiting on Neway Fertility to receive our medical records & we find ourselve bending over sideways trying go initiate our adoption process.

So the limbo continues. Que sera, sera.

Good News: metformin and my body had a rough start but we are all friends now. I hate the smell of sugar though. Makes me want to gag. Oh well, I'll take that over GI track disturbences all day.

Also Fertility Authority featured this very blog this week! How cool is that!
Fertility Authority: Our Nesting Project

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