Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh Weekend

Oooooh Weekend! Last Friday kicked off my ovulation weekend. I should have ovulated on Saturday! Thursday my husband and I had the perfect day! We both or off work early to deal with our security system's alert that our back door popped open at 3:45pm. Instead of going back to work we spent te day shopping and dining out.   A perfect day! I confirm how perfect it was from what happened next. It ended on the wrong foot. I don't get perfect days.

As I was turning off the lights I scream and collapsed. I'm terrified and stunned  by the sound of my own scream. My husband rushes to my side. I feel my foot throbbing and I start to get dizzy. I thought I stepped on the corner of a box.

My foot hurts so much! Why does it need to hurt so much??!?!

There's blood everywhere! Oh God, it's my blood.

Nausea rolls in like the tide.

I panic.

The room is spinning. 

I freak out. And I cry briefly because I know how exhausted DH is and I feel sad that I will potentially will keep him awake all night. I realize I'm bleeding hard. I get nauseated. Dizzy. 

He proceeds to beg me not to look and informs me that a grill scraper just gutted my foot. Stabbed in and pulled flesh out.
 Yap that forked part and a good portion of the rest of it. 

DH finds the first aid kit quickly, stops the bleeding, and bandages me up. We opt out of going to the ER since it's expensive and since the wait is Always 3-5 hours we might as well sleep at home and go to urgent care in the morning.

Everything is pleasent and well:) I was in excruciating pain for the entire urgent care exam. The doctor's exam of my foot convulsed me into fits of yelps, whimpers and screams. We opted out of glue because the gash was too wide and chose not to proceed with stitches because it would be hard to numb the area. But she was sweet explained everything and prescribed me an antibiotic and a pain management medication. Gave us some crutches and called it a day :). I won't need stitches as long as I keep it bandaged and stay off of my foot for two weeks.

At walmart I took complete advantage of the situation and hoped in a walmart go-cart with the little basket in front. 

We ended up buying $263 worth of extra stuff that we needed for the house. Which was fun. I love getting things or the house!! We bought a tv stand, a storage bench for the foyer, first aid stuff to rebandage my door throughout the week and miscellaneous other walmart goodies. 

Saturday my husband finds 15 four leaf clovers in our yard in five minutes. 

Sunday my sweet husband lights a prayer candle my mom bought us with the house. We have been keeping it burning as I recover.

I just hope the antibiotics help ttc.

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