Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 facts for Infertility when you're <25

1) no one believes you're actually suffering infertility, including your doctors, including your family, forget about your friends and strangers unless they are also suffering until the sit with you in the struggle for a few years. 
2) you're older friends think your infertility is easier because you're younger
3) all your friends are broke so that Gofundme page just looks sad.
4) your parents can't figure out if helping out is a fast undo button for cutting you off now that you're an adult.
5) you have so many years left to be in the struggle you could very well spend more than half of your life ttc and actually forget how to be a real person that eats carbs and drinks coffee.


  1. Don't I know it. Been ttc 44% of my life.

  2. Infertility issue can happens to anyone. now a days it is very common thing. we can reduce the chances of infertility by taking healthy food, good sleep and regular exercise. moreover there are best fertility centre in India for the treatment of this issue.