Saturday, September 13, 2014

Follicle Check tomorrow

I have so much hope in this cycle, ladies it's getting to be ridiculous. For starters, tomorrow is my first follicle check of the cycle. Praying for right side ovulation so we can actually do an iui this month. I usually ovulate from my right side so since left side dominated last cycle I'm stoked! 

I've been analyzing my day three E2 results and trying to rekindle hope in my fertility in general. 

It seems like my E2 numbers have been on a steady decline since I started working out more frequently, eating better, and taking myo-inositol. 

Yesssss maybe a baby will come into our lives.


  1. What happened? Did you ovulate on the "good" side?

    1. yes! my right side is leading so we are moving forward with the iui! I trigger tomorrow and do the IUI on Friday!