Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Irritated 5dpo Rant

These progesterone supplements make me so irritable. Or maybe it's my husband.

Three women at my church, sahms just gave birth within the last two months. And now there's a "postpartum depression support group need." 

1) being a sahm increases the risk for depression post partum. 

2) where are the support groups for people with chronic depression? I know at least four families who struggle there

3) where are the support groups for people with problems with fertility? I know at least five families stuck in the depression loop of will we ever have kids/another child?

I can't help to feel like certain people get church wide support especially if they suffer amongst the other elite while others are left to silently reach out to one another in the dark, feeling ashamed feeling neglected. I just hate it right now. What about these other families? We just had baby showers, listened to you talk about how excited you were for baby, meals delivered all because you conceived animal planet style and had another baby what more attention do you need? Have your baby, stay at home and leave me alone.  

Other families have needs. Other families have problems, chronic problems and they need support.  

I just feel so angry right now. So many families I met are suffering, so many couples go to bed crying but who gets a support group are the post-pregnants. 

5dpo and I'm bloated, I'm irritable, my husband drives me up the wall. I want this TWW to be over so I can either be pregnant or move on with my pathetic excuse for a life. 

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