Saturday, October 25, 2014

weightloss check-in

I have to get down below 160 by January. No big deal right? I just never lost that much weight (any weight) in my life, my metabolism is slow, and who wants to diet and exercise? Not this girl. Well I'm making slow and steady progress. I'm only down 5.6 tiny lbs. 28lbs to go. I feel like I should be losing weight faster :-/ it has almost been a whole month

Friday, October 17, 2014



I read somewhere that one of the reasons that people with PCOS have such a hard time losing weight is due in part to a compromised metabolism requiring less calories to survive. Before I met my husband and started ATTC I was on a minimalist diet. Only eating when I felt hungry and only eating small portions and snacks when I did eat. At the time my PRIMARY motivation was not spending a lot of money on food. Then I learned that for fertility I needed to eat my full calories, not workout strenuously, manage my vitamin intake, and cut carbs/sugars. So I did, I quite eating my tiny portions and splurged on organic, holistic, and highly expensive foods.

So I took a breathing test to compute my resting metabolism rate ($207 w/o insurance but it can be billed as diagnostic so insurance usually coves it)

My daily calorie intake from food can not exceed 1426 without exercising. Back when I counted calories I would eat 1800 calories assuming the general 2000 calorie rule. 

Truth be told the "You need to eat more to lose weight" tip screwed me over and now I look back at 18-20 year old me and I want to tell her good for you, but you should have taken a multivitamin. I, as a person with pcos, am better off eating less calories and that's what I'm going to do. 

The diet plan I am on now has me eating between 1142 & 1426 calories and a fitness regimen. My objective is to lose 35lbs by January and the last 35lbs by March 2015. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three Months

Hi I'm Lerissa Not-Pregnant,
Um so my cycle started Friday. We had our appointment with the RE on Tuesday (yesterday) and she put us on a three month fertility treatment break so I can get my weight down and so my husband can actually quit smoking. They have been telling him to quit smoking since we started fertility treatment right before he started smoking.

We'll be starting back up on IUIs in January-February after the holidays. Until then I guess I'll just be posting food journal entries... idk.

I did read that it's in our clinics protocol to do an hcg injection 3 and 6 days after ovulation so I'll talk to them about adding that to my protocol in February.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

This Could Be It

I sit here contemplating how this IUI went and I can't help but feel blissfully innocently hopeful. I could be pregnant this time. My numbers are better than last time and my body shown plenty of signs of be fertile and receptive during this iui. We are supplementing with progesterone which we have never done before. This could very well be the cycle we have been waiting for.

But with great hope comes the chance for great devastation. So I close my eyes and try to forget that we're even trying, that we even want this, that in a few days we'll know whether we are successful or if we're doomed to endure another month as failures.