Friday, October 17, 2014



I read somewhere that one of the reasons that people with PCOS have such a hard time losing weight is due in part to a compromised metabolism requiring less calories to survive. Before I met my husband and started ATTC I was on a minimalist diet. Only eating when I felt hungry and only eating small portions and snacks when I did eat. At the time my PRIMARY motivation was not spending a lot of money on food. Then I learned that for fertility I needed to eat my full calories, not workout strenuously, manage my vitamin intake, and cut carbs/sugars. So I did, I quite eating my tiny portions and splurged on organic, holistic, and highly expensive foods.

So I took a breathing test to compute my resting metabolism rate ($207 w/o insurance but it can be billed as diagnostic so insurance usually coves it)

My daily calorie intake from food can not exceed 1426 without exercising. Back when I counted calories I would eat 1800 calories assuming the general 2000 calorie rule. 

Truth be told the "You need to eat more to lose weight" tip screwed me over and now I look back at 18-20 year old me and I want to tell her good for you, but you should have taken a multivitamin. I, as a person with pcos, am better off eating less calories and that's what I'm going to do. 

The diet plan I am on now has me eating between 1142 & 1426 calories and a fitness regimen. My objective is to lose 35lbs by January and the last 35lbs by March 2015. 

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