Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weight-loss Check In

So this weekend I increased my physical activity level by joining an adult soccer team for work. Yes, I get to go play soccer instead of do my work just like we did back in high school where joining a sport ment to get the opportunity to ditch school early and still be counted as present. I've been losing a ton of weight but it has all been with minimal effort... Even though I "have PCOS" once k started losing weight it just started falling off. But since I hit 170 I've hit my platoue and needed to get some fun fitness regimine to keep me in shape so hello soccer team! 

10 lbs to get within a healthy bmi (first target weight)
20 lbs to get back to pre-fertility treatment weight (150 lbs) where I want to get back to. Sure k can reach for 120 lbs my pre-prep-body-for-baby-weight but I loved the way I filled out baiting suits at 150. Just enough t&a to be interesting and not too much that I'm distracting or falling out. I have no desire to get back to my skinny just to get back to my perfect everything.