Infertility Treatments & Procedures

IUI cycle #1: My First IUI cycle Day-By-Day 

*I'm using Letrozol, Ovidrel, Ultrasounds, OVACUE & BBT

Date----Day----The "Weather"----What'sUp?
10/11---1-------light/heavy flow
10/12---2-------very light flow---- wedding day
10/13---3-------light-med flow---- letrozol 5mg @ 6:54pm (No side effects)
10/13---4-------light flow--------- letrozol 5 mg @ 5:55pm -- I HATE the smell of raw meat today
10/15---5-------light flow--------- letrozol 5 mg @ 6:00pm --  headache
10/16---6-------spotting---------- letrozol 5 mg @ 6:00pm -- cramps on right side, aroused easily
10/17---7--------------------------- letrozol 5 mg @ 6:00pm -- cramps on right side, aroused easily, drinking TONS OF WATER
10/18---8----------------------------------------------------- cramps on right side, headaches, water
10/19---9----------------------------------------------------- cramps on right side, headaches, water
10/20---10---------------------------------------------------- cramps on right side, headaches, water
10/21---11----------------------- ultrasound appt--- 2 lead follicles same size one in each ovary, noticed a "deflated" follicle, suspected early ovulation ovacue confirmed ovulation 

10/22---12------------------------ Left and right side cramps
10/23---13----------------------- Ultrasound #2 Ovidrel trigger at 10:15p
TL: Uterus TR: Left Ovary BL: Right Ovary
10/24---14---------------------- cramping on the right side pretty hard, ouch, that whole area is pretty tender. Husband put me to bed with a warm blanket from the dryer :-) Gassy.
10/25---15----------------------- iui at 11am, went flawlessly, lied down inverted 20 minutes after procedure, short lived light cramps after walking a little but that was my only discomfort. On bed rest for the rest of the day. Feeling good. 4million sperm were inseminated 3.7million were in the 99 percentile for health, shape, and motility. Woot Woot! Good job babe! UPDATE: 4:00pm Ohhhh the cramps have come! Ouch! Gassy.
10/26---16-1DPI---------------- cramps subsided significantly. Gassy.
10/27---17-2DPI---------------- cramps gone feels more like a dull ache from an old bruise. Pelvic area warm to touch. Specifically the right side is the most tender. I hope this isn't an infection.
10/28---18-3DPI----------------- cramps completely gone.
10/29---19-4DPI-- Longest 2WW EVER...needed to find distractions
10/30---20-5DPI-- Emergency Acupuncture Appointment
10/31---21-6DPI-- Halloween
11/1----22-7DPI-- Activist Status.
11/2----23-8DPI-- My photographer had her baby :-/
11/3----24-9DPI -- Had to pee on something
11/4----25-10DPI--Putting my entitlement in my place after my premature test.
11/5----26-11DPI--sneak to test day ;-) waiting for the end
11/6----27-12DPI-- over my failed cycle, finding the silver lining.
11/7----28-13DPI-- temp sneaked back up...rude
11/8----29-14DPI--test day

IUI #2 - November 9th, 2013

Letrozole, Ovidrel, Prayer, One-A-Day Women's Bone Health, Vitamin D-3, B-Vitamin Complex

Saturday, November 9th 2013--CD1
CD3-7 --Letrozole 5mg
CD12 -- Triggered 25 x 12 Follicle on right ovary (Ovidrel)
CD14 -- IUI 8.9 Million washed sperm
CD24|10DPO -- BFN
16DPO- New Cycle Begins (LP was 2 days longer than normal)
We decide to not do another IUI in December.

IUI #3(Cancelled) - July 18th, 2014 - First cycle on Progesterone support. First half of the cycle I was on birth control pills to reduce my testosterone levels that were spiked by CLOMID. My period lasted for 18 days of full flow medium - heavy and light bleeding. Started Letrozol CD20 - August 6th. IUI canceled at first follicle check due to my primary follicle being on the left side (close fallopian tube side). Timed Intercourse.

IUI #3 -September 5, 2014

Letrozole 5mg, Ovidrel, Progesterone (Oral), Simlac Prenatal Vitamins, Myo-Inositol 2g
CD4-8 Letrozole; Noted better E3 (Estrogen levels for cycle start)
CD13 Triggered two large follicles, one on each ovary; right side leading
CD15 IUI - 6.5million sperm post wash 95% Grade A Morphology 5% Grade B Morphology 100% Motility
CD18|3dpIUI - Started Progesterone Supplementation

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